This strategy aims to monetize your company projects. Having a well-estabilished affiliation project is the first step for products and services advertisement through our program or you can even become an affiliate yourself, opening space for ads on your website. The income can be either financial or in leads, depending on the set goal.


Nowadays having a website isn't enough. In order to generate an involving and engaging online presence it is necessary also to be on the social networks. We choose the appropriate social networks according to your kind of business or product, build strategies, generate content and think about the distribution channels.


Nowadays, search engines are able to analyze texts semantically. Because of that, website, blog and page content optimization is fundamental in order to improve page raking and therefore, increase organic traffic. For this task we have a highly qualified team, dedicated to deliver the best results.


In our projects, content maketing is used so as to generate customer engagement and broaden the customer network. Relevant content, aimed at the customers' needs (not only sales centered), being published at the right place and time is crucial. It generates a positive perception of your brand and this can be a plus when it comes to decision making.

Sport 360

iDigitalMedia has developed its own technology for sports websites aiming to support and publish the work of COACHES and players of all kinds of sports, supported by a specialized team of developers and content producers. Our technology allows us to offer customized statistics, various championship tables and game results, all in real time, complemented by professional content writing.


A website is your brand digital voice. A showcase for the solutions you offer to solve your customers' problems. With this in mind we create personalized , responsive and cutting-edge websites, always aligned with the market trends, be it for leads generation or sales.


A brand is the visual representation of a project, product, service, business or even a person. Branding is the continuous process by which the brand is managed, where actions are strategicaly developed in order to build the brand, keep it in the consumers' minds or even add value to it. Global Media thinks about all aspects and generates real connections between your brand and your target.


Global Media has developed a highly customizable proprietary technology in order to manage projects. Our CMS is able to create, edit, manage and publish content in a quick and organized way on many distribution channels. Its intuitive usability is the result of our developers' detailed planning, working together with our clients needs.


We organize events, fairs, congresses and workshops. Everything is planned, since the conception, planning, promotion, to the project execution. Always working together with our clients, so as to reach the estabilished goals and aims. Contact us and get to know more about our work and how we can make your idea come true.

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